Road Closed at Gainsborough 30th May 2015

We have received information to the effect that Trent Port Bridge, which is the main crossing over the River Trent to or out of Gainsborough, is closed on Saturday 30th May 2015 from 6am until 3pm.
Clearly this has the potential to create significant disruption for cricket teams and umpires travelling in and out of Gainsborough to cricket fixtures in the BDCL.
If you have a game in this area you should therefore re-plan your route to avoid this problem. Predictably, you will have to cross the river Trent via Dunham Bridge (Toll Bridge) and then make your way along the A1133 and A156 to or from Gainsborough. The times involved in the journey will obviously be significantly increased and this extra mileage should be taken into account for the games to begin at the scheduled time.
It will be worth your while to keep a check on the situation via the local highway authorities for that area or the local councils for both Bassetlaw and Gainsborough to check if anything changes nearer to the date.